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Empowering Financial Futures

I’m Clarck Cadet, founder of Clarck Cadet Consulting. I specialize in credit building, debt elimination, and savings maximization. With a focus on professionals, entrepreneurs, teens, and young adults, my services range from strategy calls to group coaching. Ideal clients seek financial empowerment and value my podcast, speaking events, and non-profit work. Let’s shape your financial future today.

Clarck Cadet

Years of

A Decade of Empowering Others

In the past ten years, I have helped several people in my circle reach their goals of managing expenses, debts, and savings, while building or rebuilding their credit. They could relate to me because they had seen my own journey going from great credit to almost being bankrupt and then rebuilding to excellence.

Balancing Passions

When I am not coaching, you can catch me spending time with my Wife and Daughter, working on my investment portfolio, and traveling the world. I also host a financial literacy podcast and speak about finance at workshops and events.

Family Connection

Cherishing moments with loved ones, nurturing bonds, and creating lasting memories together.

Global Exploration

Embarking on enriching journeys, gaining diverse perspectives, and fostering cultural understanding.

Financial Mastery

Strategically growing investments, ensuring a secure future for family.

Educational Impact

Empowering through podcasts, workshops, and events, spreading financial knowledge for meaningful change.

“If I can inspire you, I can put you in a position of power.”
Clarck Cadet
Financial Coach

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